31 May 2011

Grand Theft Auto IV - Google Street view

Now you can cruise the seedy streets of Grand Theft Auto IV's take on Liberty City from the comfort and safety of your web browser, thanks to the efforts of GTA's most dedicated fans and some 80,000 screen shots.

"All roads are covered, except for a few on/off-ramps that weren't very interesting," writes Adam from GTA4.net. "There's around 3,000 separate panoramas which were stitched together from almost 80,000 in-game screenshots (captured with a script) and the final set of tiles consist of over a million images." See more;

I read around town there are some hidden Easter Eggs scattered throughout the city, I'm curious to know what kind of. In my opinion I think is more nice to see these kind of Easter Eggs on the real life, like in the Jon Rafman's http://9-eyes.com/ where you can see mesmerizing and bizarre situations around the world via Google maps Street View.

via | kotaku