24 May 2011

“Content is Queen” by Sergio Albiac

“Content is Queen” is the latest project by Sergio Albiac, is a generative video art piece that comments on democracy and power. To create the portraiture pieces, the most popular (in a truly democratic sense) internet videos at a given time are used as the input of a generative process that “paints” with action the image of a contemporary Queen. The generative process was implemented using Processing. See more;

"On a technical level, this piece is a result of my research in breaking the limitations of the static image in a contemporary revision of the tradition of painting. The portraits are created using a generative technique that I have developed called “generative video painting”. It differs of previous attempts of video collage (like the techniques developed by David Hockney, mixing simultaneous points of view of an action) or video mosaic (where still images are represented by whole videos acting as pixels when properly reduced in size). My technique uses regions of video content to effectively represent or “paint” heterogeneous regions of the image. Both the partial content of the videos and the whole image are fully visible at the same time, widening the possibilities to deliver meaning in a contemporary aesthetic language." - Sergio Albiac

See also "You Are Not In The News", a previous work by Sergio Albiac featured here.