07 April 2011

Spatial Traces by Daniel Michel

Spatial Traces is an interesting work made by Daniel Michel two years ago. The aim of the project was the three-dimensional recording of a person’s movements through nature and landscape using a GPS-device and the materialization of these movements as a rapid-prototyping model. Space traces become an object.

Exploring the closed down furnace No.5 at the Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park turned out to be perfect for demonstrating the purpose of the project. See more;

The GPS-data was converted, imported into a 3D construction software and processed for the rapid prototyping print, in this case using Fused Deposition Modeling in ABS plastic. The support material used during the printing process was kept as part of the object, achieving a new architectural statement.

Location_furnace No.5, Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park


GPS-data converted into 3D model