06 April 2011

Sewing Machine Orchestra

Sewing machine orchestra is the first version of a performance created by Martin Messier. The basic sounds used in this performance consist entirely of the acoustic noises produced by 8 sewing machines, amplified by means of microcontacts and process by a computer.
The microcontroller system also enable to use the sewing machines to affect certain parameters of the acoustic sound. The wheel, for exemple, can be assigned to the output volume, etc.  Machine's mechanism can be activated by remote, using microcontrollers and a computer, without the need for any other human intervention. See more;

These old objects has the effect of taking the imagination further, primarily through their evocative power. whether they remind of specific incidents or recall the relationship to such objects, few people remain indifferent when they see them.

This creation was made possible with the support of the canada council for the arts.
Martin Messier: audio, light, performance
Samuel St-Aubin: electronic