28 April 2011

Sam Burford

224 Brushes - The Wizard of Oz - Before the colour starts, 2011 | Oil on Treated Perspex - 120x90cm

Sam Burford creates objects and films that explore the temporal and transformative nature of meaning and language. Burford's work is an investigation into how cinematic language affects the way we attribute meaning to what we experience through our prior experiences of cinema. By adapting populist media Burford seeks to alter the viewers engagement and perception of this material. See more;

Star Wars Relief, 2011 | Timelapse photograph of Star Wars IV transformed into a surface relief | Silicon - 140x36x8cm

Curling Over Self, timelapse photographic detail of the opening shot from Star Wars, 2010 - Hand printed film - 56x80cm

Tyrell Curling, timelapse photographic detail from Blade Runner, 2010 - Hand printed film, clips - 17x38cm

Inverted & overlayed, timelapse photographic detail from The Godfather I, 2010 - Hand printed film, Lightbox, Clips - 57x81x12cm

Matrix Open, timelapse photographic detail from The Matrix, 2010 - Hand printed film, Lightbox - 57x81x12cm

Simultaneous Timeframe, two timelapse photographic details from Blade Runner, 2010  - Hand printed film, Lightbox - 18x28x7cm

Timelapse photographic detail from Vertigo, 2009  Archival Print, Perspex, Aluminium - 77x46cm

Tie Fighters, timelapse photographic detail from Star Wars IV, 2009 - Archival Print, Perspex, Aluminium - 110x48cm