30 April 2011

Rynth[n4] - Paul Prudence

Paul Prudence is an artist and real-time visual performer using generative and  computational methods to create audio responsive visual systems. An overview of his selected works can be found at Transphormetic.
His Rynth project uses parameters from real-time sound analysis to generate transformations and deformations of geometric primitives. Its dynamic surface texture is generated by incoming audio frequencies resulting in a synaesthetic surface modulation. The result morphing geometric construction pays homage to gyroscopic devices and anti-gravity mechanics. See more;

Prudence is a researcher in the field of procedural art, computational design and earth processes, he runs also the interesting weblog Dataisnature,  I recommend it!

This is a Dome performance at Planetarium Artis, Amsterdam for Sonic Acts XIII - The Poetics of Space, Amsterdam 2010. You can find more info about Rynth here, images.