16 April 2011

Rainer & Tobias Kyburz Produktdesign

Behind the name Rainer & Tobias Kyburz Produktdesign consits of two swiss brothers, Tobias Kyburz, since many years also teaching as an arts and crafts teacher for young students, is dedicated to designing articles of daily use or furniture since many years. And Rainer the guy from the economy who decided came back and work with his brother for launching their own product design studio after studying business and working in the energy business in South America.
Since then, in their own studio at "Stellwerk Basel" prototypes and new designs are developed in vivid exchange. The use of resources and local production are very important for them. See more;

Their process is totally manual, trying things with new materials whiout using drawing plans in CAD. The inspiration basically comes from the influences of the material, textures and colors, as well as their environment.

Their first products are presented in April at Blickfang Basel.

Chair NW 057

NO WASTE is an Idea. The idea of functional furniture. But also the idea of a conscious use of resources, material and production. The prototype of the Chair NW 057 was similarly developped like the table NW 208 of the NO WASTE series. Behind the design also lies a precise concept of its form whereas all parts are cut from a pattern of one piece of wood. The forms of the parts all derive from each other and allow the use of the material with basically no waste. From this special construction principle result the polygon surfaces and the confortable as well as extraordinary seating furniture. The basic material is coated plywood which is FSC certificated and gives the chair a resistand facing. This also gives the chair an elegant color contrast between the the bright cutting line and the dark surface. The customer can choose from different variants of plywood.

NW 208 Table