08 April 2011

Nicolas Maigret & Nicolas Montgermont


Nicolas Maigret has been developing an experimental practice of sound and electronic images (performances, installations, programming, radio) since 2001. After studies at the Fine arts school of Besançon - France, where he followed a theoretical education about the avant-gardes, he joins the laboratory Locus-Sonus dedicated to audio art researches. In his creations he experiments the possibilities of contemporary technologies to auto-generate aesthetic forms, sound or visual languages and specific behaviors. His work is as well a micro-laboratory as a point of view on the technological tools and there influences on our way of thinking and of acting. He works in duo with Nicolas Montgermont under the name of Art Of Failure. See more;

Nicolas Montgermont studies the relations between art and sciences using the computer as a workshop. After a formation in signal processing, he studies sciences applied to music at the IRCAM center, being specially focused on real time control of synthesis. His creating work is the search of a numerical aesthetics, using and developing personal tools to explore the specific possibilities of a computer. With the chdh collective, he developps a work of audiovisual performance that is shown in many festivals in Europe and is continued by the release of a dvd, vivarium (arcadi / artkillart) in 2008. Since 2007, he also works with the Art of Failure collective mainly on sound installations. In parallel, he teaches the usage of the computer for creation in workshops and at the Louis Lumière school.

Geographies Variables [by Art of Failure]

The Internet network is a space that extends the scope of our daily experiences, and yet it is quite difficult to have a clear representation of it. The "Laps" project is based on streaming audio through the web. The transmission errors that occur during these streamings are analysed and then considered as a potential and incomplete layout of the network topography. Similar to a landscape, this digital topography proves to be an unstable organisation of patterns, shapes and outlines opening the way to multiple mental representations. This imaginary scope is made perceptible trough an immersive sound and light installation.

LAPS [by Art of Failure]

LAPS is an audio and visual installation that uses Internet as an imaginary space where sound echoes, reverberates throughout the Web. Based on transmission errors, the sound material is shaped by the virtual acoustic space of the network. Sound streams broadcasted within the installation structure gradually echoes the activity of the Web in various locations of the globe. Its analysis in these various points is used to progressively draw the contours of an imaginary landscape inside the installation.

Pure Data read as pure data

"Pure Data read as pure data" is a 12.30 min long video which shows interesting trideminsional glitchy textures. It's a trip through the back of the binary code, and its hidden qualities: structure, logic, rhythm, redundancy, composition...
The content of the Pure Data application is read as pure data into sound and pixels (rgb + extrude).

Based on Pd version 0.42.5 extended (Mac OS X Intel release)
Extrude function coded by Nicolas Montgermont