25 April 2011

Mutation #1 by Hugo Arcier

Mutation #1 is the latest cool work of french artist Hugo Arcier, it's a sculpture stemming from digital creative and manufacturing processes and realized via 3D printing. It is the eruption of a 3D wireframe into reality. It is also an "Ikea hack", its size enabling perfect insertion into the famous Expedit bookcase. Once inserted, the sculpture customizes the bookcase by giving it a futuristic look. Limited edition of 15 pieces. See more;

"My work is often inspired by disease like my series called “degeneration”. It is a dark way to see it but the object is like a cancer that grows on another object and modifies it. This is why it is called Mutation. I choose a “wireframe” shape because it is something iconic of 3d culture. When you look at the object there is something really unreal. It defies gravity and the look totally changes from the angle you look at it. It is like something virtual but in the real world." - Hugo Arcier

Recommended see also his previous digital works and experiments like degeneration II, Bolean Nature and others.