05 April 2011

Legotron Mark I by Cary Norton

Cary Norton has been working on an idea which he had while ago, this idea was about making a 4×5 out of LEGO bricks. Norton made some serious progress on it and started with trying to use the LEGO builder App on the computer to spec it out before he built it. See more;

Really good quality for one of the first photographs taken with the new Legotron Mark I.

Making of.

- It’s dimensions are roughly 7″x6.5″x7″
- The main parts are a Main box, internal box, film holder/ground glass slot, lens board, lens.
- The lens is a 127mm ƒ4.7 I got on ebay for ~40 dollars
- The lensboard is two Plates deep and fits perfectly in the slot I built for it (though, I cut it down to one plate in the center to actually mount the lens).
- Focus is achieved by sliding the internal box forward and backward.

The focus range is limited to roughly 3 feet to about 18 inches. It’s good for portrait, but certainly can’t focus to infinity. Mark II (once I get to that) should have a way better focusing range. I’m planning on making a pinhole lens board too.

The ground glass is just plexi, sanded with various fine grits. It’s held in place by a film holder that previously had light leaks, but now has the aluminum center cut out. The fit is tight and I ran a line of liquid nails too, just in case.

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