27 April 2011

Hosting Parasites by Kathy Ludwig

Kathy Ludwig's work is dealing with steadiness and change of society and of individual, human values in relation to detectable and tangible tendencies of time and surrounding. Ludwig translates her observations into objects, which can be experienced physically. Due to the direct interaction with the objects, the human being is encouraged and inspired to the reflection of oneself and ones surrounding. Kathy Ludwig is interested in different detectable aspects around the central theme of the human being in its surrounding. The position of the being in relation to itself, other beings, volumes, spaces, etc. evolves to an undefined, peculiar term of aesthetics, beauty, values and self-consciousness.

"Hosting Parasites" are objects which can be attached to the body. They blur the borders between parasite and host and adapt the parasitic way of connecting themselves to their host. In this way they have a physical influence on the body. See more;

Many parasites suck the blood of their hosts. The single “suckers” attach themselves to the body by means of a vacuum. The skin under the glass cup gets sucked in and forms a little bump, which turns red after a while. The necklace consists of ten small cups with pumps, which are connected by a thin silk cord. They can be attached individually anywhere on the skin, and shape the necklace this way.The pumps don’t hurt the body, but they leave marks when wearing them for a longer time. These marks form a temporary, decorative legacy of the parasite.