25 April 2011

Flying and Floating by Robert Overweg

Apartment two 2011, Robert Overweg, Mafia 2

Robert Overweg is a photographer in the virtual world he sees the worlds of games as the new public space of contemporary society and as a direct extension of the physical world.
Overweg dwells either by foot or by air through the outskirts of the virtual world which he dissects through his photography. He makes use of the new possibilities which the virtual world gives him for his photography but he also documents the limitations of the virtual world. 
He exhibits throughout the world ranging from Amsterdam, Cologne and L.A. The press gave his work a fair share of attention from the dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, BBC to Gizmodo and Kotaku. See more; 

"Continuing to photograph in the virtual world I am trying to find new ways to photograph in and through the virtual world. Trying to achieve the image where a photograph becomes more than the game. No editing or collage involved." - Robert Overweg

Flying and Floating is his latest screen-photos series, each piece is a glossy print on dibond with plexiglas in front of photo 72 x 41 cm (limited edition of 5). See here.

Stairway to the sky 2011, Robert Overweg, Mafia 2

The Garage 2011, Robert Overweg, Mafia 2

Apartment one 2011, Robert Overweg, Mafia 2

Hotel 2011, Robert Overweg, Mafia 2

The sky in between 2011, Robert Overweg, Mafia 2