07 April 2011

Florian Licht

bbass is a minimalist and enchanting installation which combines projected light with graphic animation, architecture and sound. The Florian Licht's installation takes shape through light and sound. It tries to turn the main auditorium into an abstract space: the artwork plays with the audience and questions the visitors’ relationship with the space. See more;

Florian Licht - artistic direction, animation direction/production - SAQ - artistic direction, scenography - Douglas Greed - sound arrangement - MXWendler - controlling - XLVideo - projection equipment

fla flav

Augmented video-sculpture. Installation by Florian Licht and sounddesign by Douglas Greed.


The installation "2.30at3.05“ combines space, sculpture, light, image and sound. While this project evolved, these media overlaid and depended on each other, in the literal sense. The installation was performed by content, which arose by the line and flat structures of the sculpture. The layers of the mesh-material created a shadow, that appears as an three dimensional image on the wall. Finally, the sound partly depended on the projected image. Sounddesign by Douglas Greed