06 April 2011

Elena Kulikova

This is a cool photograph series made using the repetition effect through a filter. The series called "Multiplicity was realized by Elena Kulikova. She tells us about this work and about herself like a visual artist;

"This project was inspired by my idea of repetition in everything - it seems no matter where we look, there is an infinite pool of repetition, everything similar yet always new with a new set of details.
I see it as deep Complexity in one united Simplexity. The filter I used over my digital canon lense is a small ‘bug eye’ type filter which I bought at one of my favorite museums in Amsterdam - The Stedjelik  when I lived there. I'm currently living in San Francisco,CA." See more;

"So I’ve been photographing for 4 years now, I started when I was living in Amsterdam and returned to the States again recently where I grew up. My process is really fun, lately I’ve been experimenting with photographing, cutting out images, re-photographing or film animating the cut outs, it’s a cool visual reality switch. I lived in Hawaii for two years after Amsterdam before I came back to San Francisco, and the wood that washed up there on the beach just blew me away - sculpted by the waves, I could study it for hours. (WeBeLovers) All things organic and nature inspire me the most, and I’m working on my first art book EDEN to share my vision of our paradise bliss. I’m constantly learning of how to capture the photo I envision and recreating my style, my ultimate goal is to inspire people with the every day ‘ordinary’ taken out of context so the image becomes engaging and it feels like you could get lost in it.

I’m also working on a second art book EYE which focuses only on eyes because I have a deep fascination of how we see & the layers we don’t see such as infrared, and our overall perception. The book will be available for purchase in a few weeks.
At the moment I'm working on video and super interested in playing around with data moshing. I’m also looking for an and all collaborators, lovers, interested galleries and a photo-rep!"