24 March 2011

Yoshi Sodeoka

Yoshi Sodeoka is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based in New York City. Over the past decade, his projects have been exhibited across the world. Sodeoka's work is part of the permanent collections of the San Francisco MoMA and New York's Museum of the Moving Image.

*This project called Sibyl was inspired by the idea of 70's progressive rock concept albums. It will consist of several short videos. Each piece will be autonomous, but when viewed together will create a larger whole. The final number of videos and the total lengths are yet to be determined; each video will be released as it is completed. See video;

This piece has been produced by Yoshi Sodeoka, and the music was composed by a collaborative effort of Yoshi Sodeoka and Daron Murphy. (I recommended see video on HD full screen).