02 March 2011

X&Y by Flynn Talbot

Flynn Talbot is an Australian lighting designer, who has created a new interactive light object called X&Y. This product allows people to touch and control the power of the light and  choose their own favourite lighting colour. See more;

"The polished brass base contains all the LEDs and technology and is not connected to the the hand-blown opal glass sphere. The sphere simply sits on the base and is supported by a ring of felt. It can be rolled in any direction to determine the intensity and colour of the light from the illuminated base. The object takes its name from the X&Y axes - the horizontal “X” axis controls the colour and the vertical “Y” axis defines the brightness. The sphere produces light in a range of cool to warm white tones and a full colour spectrum." - Yatzer

You can find X&Y in the Flynn Talbot's solo show at HELMRINDERKNECHT, contemporary design gallery in Berlin.

Recomended see also his other projects called Horizonts, their colored gradients remind me some works of James Turrell.

via | Yatzer