16 March 2011

Sara Eichner

Sara Eichner is the author of these cool paintings. I like how Sara works the patterns and the perspective, I think it's a really careful work. Eichner tells us about her work;

"For years I’ve found my inspiration in the city, in the rhythm of patterns, grids and textures and the riot of planes experienced when moving through the urban environment. I’ve reduced elements from this world to a minimal vocabulary allowing me to explore them and an underlying visual structure of space and perspective in painting and drawing." See more;

"Recently I spent a year on a printmaking residency at the Lower East Side Printshop in Manhattan where I focused on Intaglio and it’s capacity to produce a unique quality of line. The copper plate etching process is an especially subtle record of the hand and markmaking, letting each idiosyncracy and imperfection of the hand drawn line show. I spent the year learning and experimenting with the process in an effort to create planes that feel solid but are penetrable screens at the same time. The result is the Moveable Plate series made up of two plate etchings that put architectural and organic grids in perspective, into varying contrapuntal relationships.

From this year of etching, I returned to the painting studio wanting to make paintings out of lines. Using line as the primary tool and building block, I’ve looked for texture, air, solidity, stasis and movement in oil painting."

Her next solo show exhibition called "New Paintings and Prints" will be at Sears-Peyton Gallery on April 14th until May 28th. You can find the gallery here;  210 11th Avenue, Suite 802, New York, NY  1000.

New Paintings and Prints

"Eichner’s principled approach to merging abstraction and structure creates planes that feel both solid and penetrable. Known for her precisely rendered paintings of architectural planes, Eichner draws inspiration from the [rhythm of] patterns, grids, and textures she encounters when moving through her urban environment. She uses these patterns as starting points for experimentation with systems of spatial illusion.

Each of Sara Eichner’s paintings has its own personality and speaks a minimal yet formal vocabulary. The group in this exhibit displays Eichner’s characteristic rigor and labor intensity, as well as new buoyancy. Each painting has a playfulness which perhaps comes from the artist’s realization that in her hands minimal tools and small gestures can have large effects." Press Release by  Sears-Peyton Gallery