08 March 2011

plama | marble run 2d

The marble run 2d is a joyful toy for kids and adults designed by the Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD. The toy is built by 12 magnetic planes in different simple shapes and colors on a magnetic wall. There are thousand ways to create an individual path for the marble that can be reorganised shortly. Furthermore it is a beautiful and simple decor. plama may help to develop creativity and logical thinking. It can increase the understanding of two dimensional space and proportion. Using the outline of the shapes to build a well-functioning marble run is an easy way to focus on complex thinking. It has been produced in Switzerland in a first limited edition and is available in selected stores or on request. See more;


During their time together as students they soon realized the potential that derives from the synergy of their individual skills and approaches to design. Their comprehensive experience and excellent network enables BERNHARD | BURKARD to accomplish a project from conception and formal elaboration to technical realization. Their focus lies on both innovative and creative solutions that are at the same time highly esthetic and an appropriate resource management. Design starts with a call for change. Besides technical skills it needs curiosity and the will to face the world with open eyes. Beyond styling and optical dressing contemporary design, as a process for products and communication, can generate the additional benefit that leads to sustainable success for all users.

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