16 March 2011

Mark Schaer

Mark Schaer tells us about a part of his cool work, the collages, where he mixes a lot of things like fashion, video games, comics... he creates a chaotic and bizarre world;

"I'm interested in the flow of images, the fast ease and ability to manipulate and share... also the hunt for sources and the randomness of the path it takes. I was feeling stuck with drawing and wanted to broaden my process to include culture as a whole: art, fashion, music, cinema, architecture, comics books, etc... also events, found landscapes, moments from other people's lives, past and present. I want to synthesize and transform these images to create something more inclusive and expansive than the sum of parts. The whole process feels more engaging than where i was at, and I see beauty and possibility in the pixels themselves. I like to be surprised by the images, and want to push the pixels in terms of paint or other traditional media. I also like that the work raises questions about authorship and ownership, where does the original image stop, and where do I start." See more;

Mark Schaer is a Design Director recently working with clients including Apple, Microsoft, The Isamu Noguchi Museum, Stanford University and The Smithsonian Institute. He was an Interactive Creative Director at Razorfish, and has worked in New York as a designer for Condé Naste Publications. He was also an assistant to the photographer Richard Avedon. Mark studied design with Milton Glaser at the School of Visual Arts, and is a graduate from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.