22 March 2011

lrich Strothjohann

The new work by german artist lrich Strothjohann (1954) is part of "Life's Coaching" his currently exhibition at MOT International, these beautiful sculptures will be at the gallery until next 2 April.  See more;

On first viewing of Ulrich Strothjohann’s new sculptural works one is reminded of a particular scene from David Cronenberg’s film Dead Ringers , 1988. Beverly (Jeremy Irons) designs his own special gynecological surgical instruments, which he commissions a sculptor to make. The Sculptor later steals the designs and exhibits them as art at his gallery. Strothjohann’s tools do not suggest the violence of surgical instruments but the ambiguity between function and form is a constant in his work. With this set of tools Strothjohann has designed purpose built display boxes. Each mirrors the tools’ contours, but then spiral off into other forms, reminiscent of amphitheaters, kitchen units and nautical design. The initial belief that you are close to a reading of these objects soon takes a conceptual U-Turn and confounds your preconceptions. - MOT International