21 March 2011

Jesper Carlsen

Some time ago I published "Buzz" from Jesper Carlsen but I don't remember to see in his website this amazing work called "Flicker (Black and White Rotating at Accelerating Speed)”, love its minimalistic look and its incredible visual effect! Click here or the next images to see the video. See more;

The animation consists of a black and white square that starts to rotate slowly with an exponential rising velocity. The animation stops when the rotation per frame becomes180 degrees. At that point the black space simply changes place with the white from one frame to the next. It becomes impossible to determine which way it rotates. This way the frame rate (numbers of pictures per second) becomes a more and more important part in the perception of the animation.

"Stars of 25p" is a precending experimental video of Flicker (Black and White Rotating at Accelerating Speed).

"Checkers Moiré" gets a really cool moiré effect using again a rotational movement with a black and white grid.