31 March 2011

Dervishes in Space

DERVISHES IN SPACE is the new great project by Riese Farbaute, a young film production company from Hamburg, Germany. They  produce mainly fashion films and art films. This work is a fashion film trilogy revolving around three futuristic space travelers. When their space station crosses an unknown energy field, the astrogirls are transcended into a hyper-reality where their inmost desires and fears become uncannily vivid.
Dervishes in Space is a three-part fashion film series directed by Cristian Straub. The “Science Fashion Film Saga” merges elements from High Fashion, Science-Fiction, Music Video and Art Film into one cosmic (fashion) film experience. See videos;

“Dervishes” is a audio-visual reflection on the transience of beauty, of all being. Despite our mortality, we secretly strive towards eternity. Even though we know it’s irrational - there are those rare moments in time, which make you a promise, which make you believe it is possible after all.

This series of films is dedicated to those special moments of intense experience. Because it’s what all things celebrating beauty, be it art, fashion or film, are striving for: claiming a little piece of eternity.

Dervishes In Space, Part One: ♎ (Libra)

Dervishes In Space, Part Two: ♈ (Aries)

Dervishes In Space, Part Three: ♓ (Pisces)

Photography by  Elena Getzieh