01 March 2011

Thomas Albdorf

The photographer and graphic designer Thomas Albdorf was born in 1982 in Linz, Upper. Austria. Currently is living in Vienna, Austria.
I like the minimalistic way that Thomas is looking for his photography, almost his entire photostream is based in objects and his own sculptures centered into the picture. See more;

He tells us a little about this obssesion;

"I think the film format I'm using, medium format, square 6x6, forces the centering a bit, secondly I'm used to work precisely due to my background as graphic designer, and well ... as mentioned, I'm a bit neurotic, so centering the main object I'm focusing simply feels better to me. Also, due to the fact that I'm mainly working with one single object that I stage and take a photo of, that really works like a sculpture for me, centering is necessary to lead the focus to this one object."