26 February 2011

Sabrina Ratté

Sabrina Ratté lives and works in Montreal. Her first introduction to moving images was through cinema ten years ago, but now she primarily works with video. She often collaborates with musicians in many different contexts, and she has an on going collaboration with electronic composer Roger Tellier-Craig aka Le Révélateur. She recently moved to Paris to complete her MFA. See more;

Sabrina tell us about her creative motion process;

"My videos are often the result of experiments with tools and softwares that anyone can have access to. The challenge is to find ways to use these tools in order to create new forms and new perspectives on the aesthetic of video. I am mostly inspired by the diverse manifestations of light; artificial, electronic or natural. Recently I’ve been exploring the possibilities of generating light through video feedbacks, and in finding new ways of using presets included in different editing softwares."