10 February 2011

Random Number Multiples

Random Number Multiples debuts with two silk screened data visualizations by Jer Thorp and two abstract compositions by Marius Watz. Both artists use custom software as their medium, and have created prints in which their hands are evident by applying digital processes to an analog printing technology. See more;

Random Number Multiples provides an opportunity for artists to expand their repertoire through artwork editioning processes. It is a platform for artists to experiment with new techniques or engage with familiar ones in new ways. Launching with a carefully selected group of silk screen prints, Random Number Multiples will soon publish archival prints and 3D printed objects by artists using a variety of methods, such as laser cutting, rapid prototyping, and CNC milling.

Prints are editions of 50, and will be available exclusively through Random Number for $100 each.

Marius Watz: Arcs04-00 Screen print, 20 x 16″

Marius Watz: Arcs04-01 Screen print, 20 x 16″

 Jer Thorp: RGB - NYT Word Frequency Screen print, 20 x 16″