23 February 2011

Anrend de Gruyter Helfer

Untitled (Files), 2010

I find really interesting the artistic profile of Anrend de Gruyter Helfer, all his works are based in a computer environment and net art. I made a selection of some of his works (recomended visit his site, Anrend has cool ideas). See more;

Click image to see the piece (drag the options)
Untitled Window, 2008

I made a triangulate composition with Anrend's Untitled Window

Angle Gradient, cool piece made from wax and I think it was designed from the nice 3D tool of Photoshop.

Angle Gradient, 2010 - Machineable wax, 6"x6"x3"

TextEdit Textiles is a collaborative project by Aylor Brown and Arend deGruyter-Helfer. DeGruyter-Helfer used TextEdit, the default Macintosh text editor, to create digital pattern drawings, some encoded with personal wishes, and Brown used Photoshop and a computerized Jacquard loom to translate these drawings into cloth. The result is both a physical archive of the intangible and a dialogue between two friends on the materialization of desires.