24 January 2011

Luminous Earth Grid by Stuart Williams

Luminous Earth Grid is the massive-scale personal project created in 1993 by the american designer Stuart Williams.
Luminous Earth Grid, an array of 1,680 energy-efficient fluorescent lamps, swept over 10 acres of undulating landscape, 50 miles north of San Francisco. Said the artist, “I see the project as a poetic statement on the potential harmony between technology and nature.” Over a five year period, Williams launched a rigorous fund raising campaign throughout Northern California, and raised nearly half a million dollars to realize the massive project. It was widely acclaimed by critics around the globe and drew tens of thousands of visitors. See more;

“The glowing green grid can be seen as an icon of computer imaging technology, which in this ‘real life,’ incarnation, gently melds with the flowing shape of a lovely landscape... a dream-like vision of symbiotic unity.” - Stuart Williams 

The array covered an expanse equal to 8 football fields. For a sense of scale, note the herd of cattle grazing just above the grid.

12 miles of electrical wiring were required. In addition, a temporary extension cable, which was strung down the mountainside, hooked into existing power lines along the freeway and brought power to the grid. That cable weighed 6 tons, and was the diameter of a man's forearm.