22 January 2011


Abstraction, movement, imperfection, colored and b&w environments, the photography by Irek Kielczyk seems a perfect dream! He tells us how he started in the photography world and how is his creative process;

"I was born in Warsaw/Poland in 1967.I am self-tought photographer. At the age of 20 I left my homecountry to live in Cape Town/South Arica, where I discovered my passion for photography.Working as an assistant to some renowned fashion photographers ( Bruce Weber,Warren du Preez) gave me the chance to watch and learn many technical and psychological aspects of photography.
In the mid 90's I returned to Warsaw and started shooting for local fashion magazines.In a short time I established myself as one of top fashion and portraiture photographers in Poland.After photography went digital I began to experiment with various techniqes and subject matters .From that point my intersts have  changed from fashion photography to abstract imaginery.Currently  I live and work in Warsaw,Poland." See more;

"I try to create painterly Images rather than classic photograps.Mainly I use long exposures and play a lot with the camera movement as well as with the subject matter .With the use of digital technology I have countless amount of frames to use.This gives  me oportunity to be more spontanious while shooting.I never know which frame is the right one.The process of choosing the final Image from what I have shot plays also very important role.I don't use lots of equipment .I have one camera body and one lens .On the location I hardly ever use artificial light.My Images are not computer manipulated.

My Inspiration comes from the organic world .The variety of shapes ,textures,objects,and colours  influences my mind every second of my life.I try to convert some parts of the existing matter in to unique imaginery that lives its own life."

Lady Midday


Reflex Blue

"I photograph what I see not what I know." - Irek Kielczyk