05 January 2011

David Semeniuk

David Semeniuk currently lives and works in Vancouver B.C., Canada. He is a formally trained scientist, and an autodidactic artist. David's art practice is an aesthetic extension of his scientific exploration, in which he uses the medium of photography to experiment with how we experience everyday spaces.

"Landscape Permutations is a series of imaginative recombinations of specific sites within my hometown - Red Deer, Alberta. In it, I investigate the relationship between a place and the specific sites that make up its (sub)urban landscape. I began this series by asking, what does it mean when different sites, at particular points in time that they are photographed, can easily substitute for the same place? Do we lose the specificity of the site, or does the repetition of these urban elements - pulled together - illuminate something about the specificity of place? While these images produce new spaces, they nevertheless feel eerily familiar." See more;

"New Modes" attempts to broaden the traditional representation of landscapes by expanding upon the landscape's physical and non-physical properties. In these works, David has espoused abstract artistic practices with the photographed seascape - an inherently ambiguous and transient space.