19 January 2011

Anarchitecture by Olivier Ratsi

Fascinated by graphics and electronic music, the ancient designer of the parties D-club and Automatik of the rex-club in Paris, Olivier Ratsi creates VJ Emovie in the 2000s to express his competences in video animation on electronic music.
Now Olivier is an active member of visual label AntiVJ since 2007, with whom he collaborates on various projects around audiovisual representation. His personal work is the WYSI*not*WYG project. See more;

What You See Is NOT What You Get

WYSI*not*WYG project is an artistic project. This work is mainly based upon representations of world’s perception and the experience of reality. Based on research started since 2005, this idea was implemented in different forms and formats : photography, multimedia installation, audiovisual peformance and mapping performance.
Anarchitecture is a photographic work that is part of WYSI*not*WYG project. These are images samples, drawn from our objective reality. The idea was to fragment a urban landscape from a sample (photography), breaking fixed elements up into several plans, while sticking to a faithful representation of the moving elements. These pieces reshape the evolution of urban landscape, and encourage the audience to interact with the artwork according to a visual reconstruction mental exercice.
In the project's website, pieces are classified by countries in order to show the spread of architectural changes. Works and pieces on this site suggest leads for thought and allow the audience to experiment urban landscape according to their own sensitivity. The aim is not to re-present the world as it is, but rather to suggest a new angle for observation and consideration.