15 December 2010

Paul Destieu

Paul Destieu lives and works between Marseille, France and Maribor, Slovenia. He develops installations and videos, shaping situations and protocols which rest upon a subtle breaking point.
His pieces often result from a confrontation between neutral atmosphere and a look noticeably fed by media, cinema and new technologies. These environments are victims of informatic bugs, destructions, highjackings or attacks. Destieu graduated from the Institute of visual arts in Orleans (Fr.) in 2006 and studied at the Fine Art Academy of Warsaw (Pl.). Since several years his work is exhibited in France and abroad. See more;

Light Cube

The installation proposes a subtle confrontation between new aesthetics and obsolete technologies. The light sculpture is shaped and evolves thanks to five different, empty slide projectors from the 80's, synchronized and set with meticulous care. Each of them creates a different side of this 3D looking architecture, close to contemporary modeling tools.

My Favourite Landscape

Instalation created in 2007, it's made of 500 70 x 50 cm offset prints. It is a reappropriation of the well known Windows XP desktop : Green Hill. Taking advantage of the weakness of the computer, it sets the common bug out of its context, on a wall, expending it to a much bigger scale. The famous picture finds a new landscape shape out of its usual frame.