08 December 2010

Jason Mena

Jason Mena (1974, New York) lives and works in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He earned his B.A. at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has shown his work in numerous international venues. "We all shall play in the ruins" is Jason Mena’s first solo exhibition at Luis Adelantado Gallery in Valencia, Spain. It comprises photography, installation, video and drawing. Informed by Paul Virilio’s take on the speed of post-modern society, Mena seemingly creates a ‘landscape of events’ where motion and velocity translate to both destruction and construction. See more;

Points of View

Points of View, where Mena uses architecture to challenge the viewer’s perception. By focusing on the malleability of perception, these images not only delineate the fragility of contemporaneity but also the apparent imperceptibility of our urban reality.

Letting Go of Conceptual Approaches

Letting Go of Conceptual Approaches, a series of abstract monochromatic images, shows the effect of a photochemical reaction of sunlight with hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that has been released into the atmosphere mostly by automotive emissions and industrial plants. A paradoxical image as we find beauty in polluted skyscapes.