09 December 2010

Crystal Palace by Giny Vos

Crystal Palace was created in 2009 by Giny Vos, Rotterdam, 1959. The work Crystal Palace is located at the entrance to the Elicium by BenthemCrouwel - the new building for Amsterdam's RAI exhibition and conference centre. In a cube built up from thin aluminium tubes and white LEDs, recognisable, spatial objects appear. A ceaseless stream passes by: a chair, a vase, a house, a ball: all showing off their seductive allures in a glittering display. Icons of our modern age, they float, magically and weightlessly through space. They revolve on their axes, collide with one another, lose their shape, implode or disintegrate. The network of thin tubes creates a transparent structure that attracts attention from far away, like a crystal. See video;