24 November 2010

Santiago Ortiz

Bestiario's research flow Chronology of tagging process on wikipedia articles we have been selecting for our research. We call 'subclopedia' to this compendium.

Santiago Ortiz (Bogota, Colombia, 1975) studied Mathematics at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia; he also studied music and literature. His graduate thesis was about a mathematical model for natural evolution.
His works as an artist are related with the intersections between art and science, artificial life, languages and narrative, information spaces and education. He publishes digital works, information about exhibitions, and links in moebio.com. Ortiz is co-founder of Bestiario where he conducted research projects, and is also collaborator at Media Lab Prado, Madrid .
He often works in actionscript and with a new visual programming language which was developed on Bestiario. (click image to see the pieces). See more;