30 November 2010

Mortal Engine

"Mortal Engine" is an incredible performance by Australian dance group Chunky Move. Their recent award-winning is directed by Gideon Obarzanek (choreographer), the amazing visuals from laser and video images were designed by Robin Fox and also the expressive sound, composed by Ben Frost, which adds further sensorial experience to the audiences.
Chunky Move’s work constantly seeks to redefine what is or what can be contemporary dance within an ever-evolving Australian culture. The Company’s work is both diverse in form and content; to date the Company has created a number of works for the stage, site specific, new-media and installation work. See more;

Mortal Engine is a dance-video-music-laser performance using movement and sound responsive projections to portray an ever-shifting, shimmering world in which the limits of the human body are an illusion. Crackling light and staining shadows represent the most perfect or sinister of souls. Kinetic energy fluidly metamorphoses from the human figure into light image, into sound and back again. Choreography is focused on movement of unformed beings in an unfamiliar landscape searching to connect and evolve in a constant state of becoming. Veering between moments of exquisite cosmological perfection and grotesque evolutionary accidents of existence, we are driven forward by the reality of permanent change. Read more about this great proyect here.

(Esp) Mortal Engine es una increíble performance realizada por el grupo de danza australiano Chunky Move. Ha sido recientemente galardonada y premiada. Está dirigida por Gideon Obarzanek (coreográfo), los sorprendentes efectos visuales a partir de láser y vídeo fueron diseñados por Robin Fox y el sonido fue compuesto por Ben Frost
Chunky Move trabaja con el objetivo de redefinir la danza contemporánea dentro de la constante evolución de la cultura australiana. 
"Mortal Engine" es un espectáculo de danza, video, música y láser que responde mediante el movimiento y el sonido con proyecciones que retratan un mundo brillante en la que los límites del cuerpo humano son una ilusión. Leer más sobre este gran proyecto aquí.

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