11 November 2010

Lucas Simões · SPECIAL POST

Lucas Simões is a brazilian artist with a great skill with the collage, I like the way he experiment with his photography. He was born in Catanduva, 1980 and lives and works in São Paulo. Simões graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at PUC and Politecnico di Milano in Italy (2003).
Simões appropriates himself of quotidian photographs and objects to make works through cut-outs, drawings, and using other materials properties with aim to create new interpretations.
His first solo exhibition was for the annual program from the Cultural Center of the Brazil's Central Bank, in 2001. In 2010 he received the Great Award from the "Salão de Pequenos Formatos da Amazônia". See more;


Lucas describes the process of two of his recent works;

"The photograph series [quase-cinema] is from pictures I took from my everyday-life and my trips. For me some of them are as a movie piece. So I developed repeated frames with a little movement and then I sewed them in fabric on wood, creating a stripe which reminds me of the cinema." Click images to enlarge."

Des(z)memória [unmemory] & Des(z)retrato [unportrait]

"The works I showing in the current exhibition in São Paulo are portraits from my good friends, who I invited to tell me a secret while I photographed them. But I didn’t listen the secret because I have listening a song in my headphones while they were telling it. The aim is to capture their expression while they were telling me the secret. For this shooting I chose 10 pictures which I cut-out and overlayed creating a "secret" portrait. I have obtained different results changing in each piece the depth and patterns of cut. I also asked to the protagonists if the secret had any color, and these are the colors in the each portraits."