22 October 2010


A sister/brother artist duo, Yuka and Kentaro (Shimurabros) create works of motion images in formats such as media art, film and installation. Their latest work called "X-RAY TRAIN - LUMIERE BROS to SHIMURA BROS" caught my eye, they get an impressive transition effect.
The project was initially started to challenge one of historical constraints/code of the film production/motion image; All motion image taken by camera is to be 2 demential.

A lot of crucial development was made since "Arrivée d'un train à la Ciotat", the first film in the world directed by Lumiere brothers; however, was mostly focused on projecting image on 2D screen. See more;

Shimurabros not unlike the first pioneers Lumiere bros, approach from a fundamentally different perspective to extend film beyond the 2 dimensional limit. Shimurabros are determined the image exist in an actual three-dimensional space. This screen is formed by a sequence of special shield film the sequence creates a phenomenon of persistance of vision in a three dimensional direction thus printing out 'a solid form made of light in our retina.

Shield film is synchronized accordingly with the frame via programing and they can manipulate the screen surface image with this technology.

Medical technology specificaly a CT scanner creates for them a new image experience.