27 August 2010

Hylozoic Groun

Hylozoic Groun, espectacular instalación por el arquitecto Philip Beesley, Toronto. Un bosque de hojas acrílicas se mueven a modo de respiración dentro del pabellón de Canadá en la Bienal de Arquitectura de Venecia, que se estrena esta semana. Ver más dentro del post;

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Hylozoic Groun by architect and sculptor Philip Beesley was selected through a national juried competition to represent Canada at the 2010 Venice Biennale in Architecture.

"Hylozoic Ground, an immersive interactive environment that is part of the Hylozoic Soil Series of works, will be presented by PBAI, a Toronto-based interdisciplinary design collective associated with the University of Waterloo, led by architect and sculptor Philip Beesley.

Hylozoic Ground is a uniquely Canadian experimental architecture that explores qualities of contemporary wilderness. The project will transform the Canada Pavilion into an artificial forest made of an intricate lattice of small transparent acrylic meshwork links, covered with a network of interactive mechanical fronds, filters, and whiskers.

Tens of thousands of lightweight digitally-fabricated components are fitted with microprocessors and proximity sensors that react to human presence. This responsive environment functions like a giant lung that breathes in and out around its occupants. Arrays of touch sensors and shape-memory alloy actuators (a type of non-motorized kinetic mechanism) create waves of empathic motion, luring visitors into the eerie shimmering depths of a mythical landscape, a fragile forest of light."