26 August 2014

Cloaque.mov 2014

Once again, one of the greatest online collaborative projects that link together hundreds of digital works by an endless tumblr based column continues with its annual audiovisual piece where few selected artists work following the same structure of the original project Cloaque.org but using the video as format. Cloaque.mov 2014 is the second issue of this dot mov series and it's the continuation of the previous one (see here) it starts as the previous one ended last year. 

"Every artist creates a 40 second video piece intended to be joined together, creating a whole story. This journey through very different environments is acclimated by an original soundtrack composed by a musician. This group show is presented as one singular piece, exploring the possibilities of Internet as a collaborative tool."

22 July 2014

FRAMED* — Digital Art is Present

I'm pretty sure you already know about FRAMED* or have heard about its elegant and beautiful way to bring digital art into the everyday. It was created in 2012 by FRM which is founded by Yugo Nakamura, recognised as one of the world’s most innovative web and interactive designers, and by William Lai whose work spans across product design and user experience, with a focus on physical products combined with the collaborative nature of the web.
After two years they have developed FRAMED* 2.0 which it won't be just a display to showcase digital art but a platform,  a community hub and a marketplace where artists will have the opportunity to publish and sell their work.

Behind of FRAMED* 2.0 there are major concerns about how digital art could spread itself around the Internet and into different artistic networks to be seen and collected through this beautifully designed canvas, and I believe that the right people is working on, as you may know Yugo Nakamura besides to be an award-winning Japanese software artist is the creator of FFFOUND!, yes the website and social image bookmarking service you used to use or still do to pick up some fresh visual inspiration, and that has been a great reference as a collectible and sharable based image platform and had an important impact about the way we discovered images online today. I highly recommend to read a recent conversation Filip Visnjic from CreativeApplications.Net had with William Lai about this, read here.

FRM started yesterday a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds in order to start this project and be able to commercialise this product if they reach the budget goal. They are offering nice offers for supporting this project from the lowest prices. To see that in one day they have duplicated the goal, it's a great response from the digital art community and everyone who believes on it. You also can support them at http://kck.st/UmrMrw , see more details and specifications about FRAMED* 2.0 and all the digital formats it supports into the post.

04 June 2014

Manuel Fernández

Desktop Screenshot Paintings, 2012

It took me some time to do this post since I visited Manuel Fernández's studio in Madrid last February, at the same time that took place ARCO. Actually was great to visit him in this time as he won the electronic art award ARCOmadrid/BEEP with his piece "On Kawara Time Machine”, 2011 which is represented by the Spanish gallery Moisés Pérez de Albéniz. This is an ongoing online piece, created using a javascript counter that shows automatically the On Kawara time based works from the beginning of "Date paintings" in January 4, 1966, to the actual date acording to the operating system clock. The Project will be completed at the date of the death of On Kawara, including a new variable in the code, the counter will count from the origin of "Date paintings" to the date of his dead. This piece despite to be a website was exhibited and sold at ARCO through a smart monitor which allows to be always connected to the internet to make it run. Now it is part of the BEEP digital collection.

27 May 2014


Sabrina Ratté is the newest member of the well known computer collective, Computers Club. She made this beautiful piece titled Visites Possibles for her introduction in the collective where she has already uploaded some new work as Vivariums, a triptic GIF composition. You can follow Sabrina's work over Computers Club (here) and at Drawing Society (here) where she has a great archive of magic, celestial and architectonic based drawings. 

"Visites Possibles explores the possibilities of creating 3D environments based on video images generated only by electronic signals. Inspired by architectural renderings and the idea of virtual tour, the video invites the viewer to visit its structure through specific parameters. The walls of the space embed doors which open and close randomly, thus revealing only glimpses of different electronic landscapes. While these landscapes are being revealed, they are also pushed away by the simulated camera movement, leaving only a limited time for contemplation. Consequently, the lateral scrolling of the image controls the visit, both spatially and time-wise. It also creates a sense of spatial continuity, which contrasts with the constant morphing of the space, changing into different configurations, without following any physical logic. Throughout the visit, "entities" arise and disappear regularly as if haunting this virtual environment. Visites Possibles also acts as a transitory space where multiple doors open on potential virtual experiences." - Sabrina Ratté.

23 May 2014


Sphaerae.Acoustic.Study is a real-time audio-visual performance created by Paul Prudence for the Sphaerae inflatable installed at Ars Electronica in 2013. The video into the post is a square format which fit perfectly projected on the top of the sphaerae. The piece is part of an ongoing study by Paul called Hydro Acoustic Study, see some images of after the video.